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  Task Force - Lincoln Seniors and Other Vulnerable Residents (TF-1) Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 10:00 AM
Bemis Hall
Agenda (preliminary draft 8/29/2011)
Meeting Thursday, September 8,~ 2011, 10:00 A.M. at Bemis Hall,~ Lincoln
The Task Force - Lincoln Seniors and Other Vulnerable Residents (TF-1)
~~~~~~~ 1.~~~~~ Housekeeping:~ target time for adjournment, allocation of time to topics.
~~~~~~~ 2.~~~~~~ Proposal for panel of volunteer doctors to assist social workers and others to evaluate watch list residents.~ Detailed statement of proposal separately distributed to TF-1 members.~ Dr. Moses and Ms. Bottum will discuss.
~~~~~~~ 3.~~~~~ As agreed at the 7/7 meeting at which two names were submitted, Mr. Gnichtel invited two Lincoln residents to join the TF-1.
~~~~~~~ 4.~~~~~ Transportation.~ In view of the discussion at the 6/7 meeting and the report of Ms. Bottum as to COA coverage,~ (see previously distributed 6/7 minutes), is there anything further for the TF-1 to consider regarding this matter?
~~~~~~~ 5.~~~~~ Fall speakers program.~
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ To date, Paul Savery has agreed to speak on reverse mortgages, and Heidi Rachel Webb will speak on living wills and medical proxies.~ No dates have been set.
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ We need to develop a definitive plan for the speakers program, e.g.:
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ Format - individual speakers or panels
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ Subjects - see item 6 below for suggestions
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ Engaging the sandwich generation in the program
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ Dates, time, location - selected to attract not just the elderly
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ Promotion: newspaper articles, flyers - preliminary questionnaires (as part of news article) re whether the ~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ community at large has any interest in supporting/attending
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ Lining up speakers
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ Appointing TF-1 sub-committees to do the necessary
~~~~~~~ 6.~~~~~ Taking stock of where we are and where we are heading.~ Newspapers and magazines contain a steady flow of articles dealing with the problems of the elderly and their care providers.~ In choosing TF-1 projects, this should be kept in mind to avoid redundancy or over-committing our resources and time.~~
~~~~~~~ So far we have considered, among other matters, a fall speakers program, transportation issues, and a proposal for a panel of doctors - see item 2 above.~ Members are invited to make additional suggestions for TF-1 focus.~ Consider also suggestions in meeting agenda draft 5/3/2011, reading in part as follows (quotes in blue ink):
~~~~~~~ "7.~~ Discuss the Elder Care and Housing Committee report submitted
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ to the March 2001 Town Meeting.~
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ 7A~~ Consider investigative and survey steps taken by EC&HC
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ 7B~~ Which Report topics should be up-dated and included
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ in this committee's report~~~~~
~~~~~~~ "8.~~ Discuss Beacon Hill Village.~ First of its kind - a grass-roots not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping Beacon Hill and Back Bay residents to stay in their houses as long as possible.~ In conjunction with MGH and local businesses, the Village provides to those living at home many of the amenities offered by continuing care retirement communities.~~
~~~~~~~ "8A~~~~ Niche communities, co-housing, recent developments
~~~~~~~ "8B~~~~ Remote monitoring, sensors, video cameras, ergonomic
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~ environment and appliances
~~~~~~~ "9.~~~~ Hospice, hospice services provided at home
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~ "Getting the word out to the community
~~~~~~~ "10.~~ Prepare printed material to be distributed at various Town locations, reviewing separately various topics extracted from the committee's report
~~~~~~~ "11.~~ Organize open meetings with speaker/experts to discuss topics such as:~ (1) control and management of assets and finances - consider the recent Brooke Astor case,- a matter of concern also to the sandwich generation, (2) long-term care insurance, and Community Living Assistance Services and Support Act, (3) the future of Medicare and Medicaid - another topic~ of vital interest to the sandwich generation, (4) medical proxies, so-called living wills, (5) pitfalls of reverse mortgages, etc.
~~~~~~~ "12.~~~ Designate teams or subcommittees"
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ End of agenda