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  Minutes - April 19, 2006
Lincoln Conservation Commission
Wednesday, April 19, 2006
Lincoln Town Offices

COMMISSIONERS:  David Katsuki, Peter Von Mertens, Jim Meadors, Toby Feibelman, Jim Henderson STAFF: Tom Gumbart, Angela Kearney.


Public Hearing (Continued from April 5, 2006): Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation. DeNormandie, Alice. 0 Mine Brook Road Unbuilt Lot "B". (Map 52-Block 4-Lot 2) For wetland resource delineation.

DEP has not issued a file # for this project. Dave Burke has not prepared a written statement detailing the status of the stream. He was not present at the hearing, but gave verbal consent to continue the hearing.

The Commission voted 5-0 to continue the public hearing on May 3rd, 2006 at 7:45 pm.

Public Hearing (Continued from April 5, 2006): Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation. DeNormandie, Alice. 0 Lexington Road Unbuilt Lot "E". (Map 52-Block 4-Lot 3) For wetland resource delineation.

Dave Burke has not prepared a written statement detailing the status of the stream. He was not present at the hearing, but gave verbal consent to continue the hearing.

The Commission voted 5-0 to continue the public hearing on May 3rd, 2006 at 7:45 pm.

Public Hearing: Notice of Intent (Continued from April 5, 2006). American Eagle Corp. at Hanscom Air Force Base. For demolishing 850 housing units and rebuilding 784 housing units on a 190 acre site.

The Commission conducted a site visit before the hearing to review the proposed culvert and buffer zone work and gained a better understanding of the clearing and maintenance procedures around the culverts and the proposed boardwalks.

Maggie Wetzel, Clint Miller and other project staff were present to take further questions. As requested during the site visit, the applicant provided greater detail for the drainage clean-up plan including specifications for annual maintenance and bittersweet removal around several large, existing trees along the drainage ways. The Commission will allow routine, annual maintenance without additional permitting, but request that they leave natural areas of downed wood and debris approximately 20 feet up the stream channels. There may be additional opportunities for holding back peak stormwater flows in the eastern drainage (located on the Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Sheets 4 and 5 of 6 dated 3/10/06). This would require additional permitting from the Lincoln Conservation Commission.

The Commission encouraged American Eagle to implement an annual clean up day and would like to communicate about activities happening in greater Lincoln.

The Commission voted 5-0 to close the hearing and issue an Order of Conditions.

Public Hearing: Notice of Intent (continued from May 5, 2006). Minute Man National Historical Park off Sunnyside Lane. For proposed culvert removal and stream restoration.

Chris Davis presented additional information requested by the Commission during the last meeting including a written narrative of the project and examples of previous work done by potential contractor. The Commission requested that the stream be relocated slightly to the north to preserve an existing stand of conifer trees identified during the site visit. They hope to remain involved throughout the installation process and showcase this project as a model stream restoration project. Mr. Davis said this should be no problem. Mr. Davis also suggested that the timing of installation could most likely be done without closing Sunnyside Lane, but will need to be coordinated with the Water and Public Safety Departments prior to culvert work across Sunnyside Lane.

Abutters were present at the Hearing and submitted comments in writing including:
·       Consideration of evergreen plantings along the north side of the stream restoration project to provide some screening from Route 2A. Mr. Davis said this would need to be addressed with the larger park maintenance committee.
·       The culvert work is coordinated with the Town Water and Public Safety Departments.

The Commission voted 5-0 to close the hearing.


Blue Heron Organic Farm
Ellery Kimball was drilling a well for the farm and achieved 20gallons/minute 750 ft. down.

Gas Station on South Great Road
The tank area is filled in and plans and photos of the pipe repair were submitted to the Conservation Department for future reference.

Rte. 126 Beaver Activity
Conservation Staff, Peter Von Mertens and Chris Bibbo met with Mike Callahan at the culvert under Rte. 126 across from Old Concord Road to discuss emergency culvert work because beaver had blocked over half of the culvert and the~roadside path was flooded as a result. This week Mr. Callahan will install a pipe and cage as was previously done in several locations downstream.

Rte. 2 Relocation
Mass Highway has pushed back submission of their 75% design documents, so there remains time to research potential wildlife crossings. Scott Jackson, wildlife biologist, will be meeting with Lincoln and Concord Conservation Staff and other Rte. 2 representatives to identify critical habitat areas along the Rte. 2 corridor. Particularly, they will be looking at the Tanner's Brook area and where Sandy Pond Road meets Rte. 2 near Crosby's corner.

138 Lexington Road
The property is currently on the market and the applicant has submitted a request for a Certificate of Compliance. Before a Certificate of Compliance can be issued the slope needs to be re-vegetated with native plants.  The realtor has been into the Conservation Office to discuss the plantings and will follow up once the work has been completed.

New Conservation Commission Members
Sara Lewis attended the meeting and is interested in being on the Commission. The Board of Selectmen will be looking to make new appointments at their upcoming meetings.

Trail between St. Anne's and Lindentree Farm
Because of the recent installation of several beaver pipes, this trail has once again become passable, but the Commission needs to decide whether or not it should be reopened. Jane Layton, Conservation Ranger feels the area is a diverse wildlife habitat area and should not be re-opened. The plan for the new crosswalk may factor into the final decision.

New Trail Marking System
Conservation Staff would like to continue the dialogue about redefining the trail marking system. Angela Seaborg will prepare a brief outline of current priorities and potential options for discussion at the next meeting.

Horses and Trail Use
The Conservation Commission has received several letters about potential degradation of the trail behind the Love Lane Riding Facility. Primary concerns included:
·       Flooding from the Love Lane facility,
·       Areas of horse manure on the trail,
·       Degradation and erosion of the existing trail.

Conservation Staff and Commissioners met with Love Lane Staff to discuss the letters of concern. While dry at the time of the visit, all agreed that the erosion and flooding down Love Lane's road toward the trail could be remediated by hand digging a small trench along the eastern side of the road. Everyone at the site visit was also in agreement that the trail was located in a naturally wet area and will always receive some amount of flooding in the spring. Love Lane Staff explained that they do not use the wettest part of the trail because they have cut a new entrance to the trail from their private trail. Also, they explained that they use their private trail more frequently than the public trails as the conditions are better for the kids they work with. The Commission did see some areas of horse manure on the trail and asked how feasible it would be for them to keep a rake on the side of the trail to use occasionally.

Several avid horseback riders were at the hearing and were most concerned with general closures or restrictions of horse use on public trails. The Commissioners assured the group that they felt the trails should be open to multiple user groups and were not intending to close any trails to horses, but rather try and find a solution to the particular problems of wetness and horse manure. In an initial effort to address the wetness problem, the Commission would like to work with the staff of Love Lane to hand spread bank run gravel in the low areas of the wettest section of trail. This will allow for better passage for people and horses directly along the tread of the trail and will also add protection for some of the exposed tree roots along that section. They will request that Love Lane place a rake along the trail so their volunteers or concerned citizens can rake the manure off the trail.

Other ideas pertaining to general trail use and horses included:
·       No riding on certain trails or during certain times of year,
·       Seasonal avoidance on certain trails,
·       Commission should identify dangerous areas for horses,
·       Inappropriate to have a town-wide horse rule.

Militzer Field and Other Field Work
Conservation Staff have performed extensive bittersweet clearing under a large row of wind break trees along the Sudbury River. A new owner has purchased the Slaughter Residence and is looking to re-establish their front field (Verrill Farm currently manages) as a fenced-in horse pasture. Conservation Staff has discussed resource areas and potential concerns with the property manager. Other areas where Conservation Staff are working include the path into the Codman Field and Mt. Misery.

1 Grasshopper Lane
The Commission was notified of 4 large trees that were cleared from the previous violation area. The owners should have understood the work that could and could not take place there as Tom Gumbart met on site with the landscape architect to discuss the status of these specific trees. The Commission voted to fine the property owner, require replacement plantings and permanent markers along the 100' buffer zone near the driveway and along the existing lawn around the remainder of the property. The Commission will also require a surveyed plan of the existing trees and shrubs within the violation area.


Approved Meeting Minutes 4/5/06
Bills Paid & Payroll Signed

Respectfully Submitted,
Angela Seaborg